Buy Verified Facebook Pages – Fanpage Blue Verification Badge


Buy verified Facebook pages, buy Fans page blue tick badge to run advertising ads, business livestream is in very high demand today.

Customers see the verification badge blue next to your name on Facebook before anything else.

It is a striking distinction that distinguishes genuine brands from other brands.

If you are thinking of buy verified Facebook Page, you have come to the right place.

TANG LIKE VIP us, specializing in selling and providing all kinds of Facebook Pages verified badge a variety of topics, categories, cheap prices, and leading prestige today.

Buy Verified Facebook Pages

Buy Verified Facebook Pages

Before understanding about buy verified Facebook page for Customer’s business.

Let’s take a look at the concept of what is a verified Facebook Fanpage?

Why is it popular and used as a useful tool in advertising and selling online?

Let’s see you !

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What is a verified Facebook Fan pages ?

The verified Facebook page is a Facebook Page (Page Profile and Traditional Page) with a blue check mark next to the name of the Fans page.

In order to protect and prove to users that this is the official Facebook Page representing individuals and organizations.

Avoid being plagiarized or fabricated. Do not let anyone, anything affect that Facebook Page.

Objects protected by Facebook for green ticks include famous people, singers, actors, influencers, and reputable community organizations.

Issuing a Verification Badge for a Facebook fanpage is quite difficult for ordinary people and needs to go through a lot of Facebook verification steps.

What is the purpose of buy verified Facebook Pages ?

The purpose of buy verified Facebook page is that you buy the admin rights and ownership of that verified Fans page.

You have full ownership rights to use verified Fanpage for sales promotion work.

Why Should Buy Verified Facebook Pages ?

Why Should Buy Verified Facebook Pages ?

Facebook account has tremendous benefits.

So you can use Facebook to connect with your family, friends, office mates, and you can even meet new people on Facebook.

Anybody may use Facebook to maintain a friendly relationship with those who associate with certain tastes or products.

For a business, this is really important because you can sell or advertise a product/serviceto a highly targeted market.

It increases the possibility to make money on the internet. SEO or search engine optimization can be earned by Facebook marketing.

Facebook gives you the chance to share links through your page.

So, you can easily put a link with every post. It will drive more traffics for you.

Verified Facebook Page can drive your traffic in such a positive way and engage the target audiences to your page.

Finally, Target audiences mean the visitors that will make a purchase.

There are many benefits that buying a verified Facebook Fanpage brings.

Specifically, TANG LIKE VIP will go through some great benefits for customers that are easy to understand.


Buy verified Facebook page with a blue badge and owning it helps your brand Page increase its credibility with customers.

Customers looking at the verified Fans page will know it is a reputable address to buy goods.

Elevate your brand. Confirmed the position. It’s like owning an expensive luxury item in real life.

Owning a verified Facebook Fans page will make a good impression on customers.

They are willing to buy your product without too much consideration.


Because it’s a blue badge verified Facebook page, your Fans Page is unique. Don’t worry about being faked by Fake.

Users trust when they see your verified Facebook Page appear on search engines.

The Facebook fan page with the blue badge is an affirmation to everyone that this is a 100% genuine Facebook Fan page.


Currently, only a verified Facebook page can run Ads Livestream ads.

All other pages, pages that often want to advertise Livestream must use a trick and it is not safe, easy to be locked.

That is, with the verified Facebook Fan page, you can both livestream and run ads for that livestream immediately.

The purpose of this is to help your livestream reach millions of customers instantly in a short time.


That’s right, for verified Facebook page (Blue Tick Fanpage) will be prioritized by Facebook.

Always prioritized by Facebook in advertising and promoting products.

Easily create ad campaigns and get approved quickly.

Not being blocked by Facebook to restrict advertising compared to normal Fanpage.

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How much does it cost to buy verified Facebook pages ?

How much does it cost to buy verified Facebook pages ?

With current Facebook policy, if you are eligible to request Facebook to issue a blue badge for your Fan page, it will be completely free.

Provided that your Fans page is eligible for a verified blue badge, like an influential individual organization, has a certain number of likes and followers.

However, not everyone is eligible to do that, and will have to ask the Facebook Agency for help.

The cost for an Agency to receive a green mark on Facebook will range from $4000 – $6000.

And not any Fanpage can be granted a verified blue badge for Facebook Fanpage.

Instead, you only need to spend about $1500 – $1600 to be able to own yourself a verified Facebook Fan page with a blue badge at a much cheaper and more economical cost.

Why is a verified Facebook Fanpage so expensive ?


Issuing a verified blue badge for a Facebook fan page is quite difficult, the success rate is low.

Not everyone can own a verified Facebook Fan page.

The need to buy verified Facebook page with a blue badge is huge, making the price of this item expensive.

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TANG LIKE VIP – Specializes in providing verified Facebook Pages

TANG LIKE VIP, a supplier specializing in selling verified Facebook pages for customers running ads, Livestream.

Currently, the trend of advertising by verified Facebook Page is the best choice of the vast majority of sellers and businesses.

Choosing to buy a verified Facebook page is an extremely right choice.

If you are looking to buy a verified Facebook page, please contact TANG LIKE VIP immediately for specific advice.

TANG LIKE VIP has offered to sell verified Facebook page, Facebook page since 2017.

There are many years in the business of selling verified Facebook pages, so will advise you on the right options.

Customers of TANG LIKE VIP are mostly business owners, large shop owners who want to buy verified Facebook pages to affirm the brand with customers.

Some images of the green TANG LIKE VIP Fanpage have been provided and sold to the market.

Note buy verified Facebook page

It is recommended to buy verified facebook page from a reputable and reliable source with a long history of operation.

Should buy verified facebook page with full warranty.

Should buy verified facebook page with few likes, not famous people > low back rate.

After buying a verified facebook page, you should add the page to BM for management, to avoid theft later.

Warranty buy verified Facebook page

Warranty covers forever, by month, or without warranty depending on Facebook Fanpage with different prices.

No warranty Facebook blue badge lost during use.

The blue badge can be guaranteed with a small number of Fanpage that we are sure of the original owner.

Warranty Previously verified Facebook Fanpage is clean and does not violate policies.

The verified Facebook fanpage does not owe advertising money.

Verified Facebook Fanpage can run Livestream ads.

Contact to buy verified Facebook pages

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